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Who Am I?

My name is Kyle and I am an avid kitesurfer, traveler and online marketeer, specializing in SEO.

I was a IKO kite instructor in Cape Town, South Africa & The Netherlands for 5 years, before i decided it’s time I use my knowledge to start my own kitesurfing school. And what better place to start a school, than in my home town; Cape Town, South Africa.

There was just one “problem”.

Cape Town, is one of the most popular kitesurfing destinations in the world, and with this popularity comes an immense amount of competition within the kitesurf schooling industry.

Having a masters in marketing, I understood the power of SEO & Google and what it meant for a business’s growth & online presence. Thus, I started optimizing my schools website, one step at a time. Within 2 seasons my schools website was ranking among the top 4 in Google search. This meant a huge amount of extra traffic was coming our way, with the right strategy in place, this traffic can be converted into real students.

Within 3 seasons, my school grew to one of the largest kitesurf centers in Cape Town.

After running a successful kitesurf school for some time, I decided I’d like a new challenge. This is why I started Hanglooseo.

Hanglooseo, is a SEO agency run privately by myself. Where I focus specifically on increasing kitesurf schools online traffic with SEO marketing. 

  • I have a masters degree in online marketing.

  • I work with a maximum of 1 school per location, customer loyalty is guaranteed.

  • I provide weekly progress reports so you can track your growth.

  • No contracts, we work on a month to month basis.

  • I specialize in ranking kitesurfing websites, I can guarantee growth with my SEO.


Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

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The reason I started Hanglooseo, is to help other kite schools gain much needed online exposure, which in turns means more people get to try this amazing sport!

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